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the average number of hours by 56. For lead agencies, the estimated average burden is 60 hours per lead agency, representing a total burden estimate of 3,360 hours. The required number of hours needed to produce these data is expected to decline as systems are expanded to collect all required data elements, personnel are trained on reporting these data, and edits are implemented to automate data cleaning.

Collection of Information: State and EIS Record Keeping, Notification, Reporting, and Third Party Disclosure Requirements under Part C (Information Collection 1820-0682). Affected regulation sections for

this information collection are §§303.430(c) and (d)(2),

303.431(b)(2)(i), 303.432 through 303.434, 303.440(b), 303.443(c)(3), and 303.520(a). The Act requires State lead agencies and EIS providers to gather, maintain, report, and disclose various information and data, but the Act does not require this information and data to be submitted to the Department.

Each State lead agency must have on file a list of mediators and procedures to ensure the timely resolution of State complaints. There are 56 State-level record keepers who must maintain a list of mediators. It is estimated to take approximately three hours annually for record keepers