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to update and maintain the lists, representing a total burden of 168 hours. Each of the 56 State lead agencies process on average three complaints annually. It takes approximately 24 hours for a State lead agency to issue a written decision to a complaint, representing a total burden of 4032 hours. If the State lead agency adopts Part B due process hearing procedures, then the lead agency must also have on file a list of hearing officers and must provide parents information on low-cost legal and other services under specific circumstances. There are approximately 45 State due process complaints annually, and the data burden is expected to require an average of 30 minutes per hearing request to inform parents of the availability of low-cost legal services, representing a total burden of 22.5 hours. Approximately 15 States have adopted Part B due process procedures for Part C. It is estimated to take approximately three hours annually for record keepers to update and maintain the lists,

representing a total burden of 45 hours. Additionally,

each State lead agency must provide a written notification

to parents prior to accessing a child’s or parent’s public

benefits or insurance. For each State lead agency, it takes an average of about 10 hours to draft the notice, representing a total burden of 560 hours. As discussed in