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303.14 Elementary school.

303.15 Free appropriate public education.

303.16 Health services.

303.17 Homeless children.

303.18 Include; including.

303.19 Indian; Indian tribe.

303.20 Individualized family service plan.

303.21 Infant or toddler with a disability.

303.22 Lead agency.

303.23 Local educational agency.

303.24 Multidisciplinary.

303.25 Native language.

303.26 Natural environments.

303.27 Parent.

303.28 Parent training and information center.

303.29 Personally identifiable information.

303.30 Public agency.

303.31 Qualified personnel.

303.32 Scientifically based research.

303.33 Secretary.

303.34 Service coordination services (case management). 303.35 State.

303.36 State educational agency.

303.37 Ward of the State.