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303.115 Comprehensive child find system.

303.116 Public awareness program.

303.117 Central directory.

303.118 Comprehensive system of personnel development (CSPD).

303.119 Personnel standards.

303.120 Lead agency role in supervision, monitoring, funding, interagency coordination, and other responsibilities.

303.121 Policy for contracting or otherwise arranging for services.

303.122 Reimbursement procedures.

303.123 Procedural safeguards.

303.124 Data collection.

303.125 State interagency coordinating council.

303.126 Early intervention services in natural environments.

Subpart C--State Application and Assurances


303.200 State application and assurances.

Application Requirements

303.201 Designation of lead agency.

303.202 Certification regarding financial responsibility.

303.203 Statewide system and description of services.