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303.229 Determination by the Secretary that a State is eligible.

303.230 Standard for disapproval of an application.

Department Procedures

303.231 Notice and hearing before determining that a State is not eligible.

303.232 Hearing Official or Panel.

303.233 Hearing procedures.

303.234 Initial decision; final decision.

303.235 Filing requirements.

303.236 Judicial review.

Subpart D--Child Find, Evaluations and Assessments, and Individualized Family Service Plans


303.300 General.

Pre-Referral Procedures--Public Awareness Program and Child Find System

303.301 Public awareness program--information for parents.

303.302 Comprehensive child find system.

Referral Procedures

303.303 Referral procedures.

303.304—303.309 [Reserved]

Post-Referral Procedures--Screenings, Evaluations, and