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303.310 Post-referral timeline (45 days).

303.311-303.319 [Reserved]

303.320 Screening procedures (optional).

303.321 Evaluation of the child and assessment of the child and family.

303.322 Determination that a child is not eligible.

Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

303.340 Individualized family service plan--general.

303.341 [Reserved]

303.342 Procedures for IFSP development, review, and evaluation.

303.343 IFSP Team meeting and periodic review.

303.344 Content of an IFSP.

303.345 Interim IFSPs--provision of services before evaluations and assessments are completed.

303.346 Responsibility and accountability.

Subpart E--Procedural Safeguards


303.400 General responsibility of lead agency for procedural safeguards.

Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information and Early Intervention Records

303.401 Confidentiality and opportunity to examine