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303.447 Timelines and convenience of hearings and reviews.

303.448 Civil action.

303.449 State enforcement mechanisms.

Subpart F--Use of Funds and Payor of Last Resort


303.500 Use of funds, payor of last resort and system of payments.

Use of Funds

303.501 Permissive use of funds by the lead agency.

Payor of Last Resort--General Provisions

303.510 Payor of last resort.

303.511 Methods to ensure the provision of, and financial responsibility for, Part C services

Payor of Last Resort & System of Payments Provisions-- Use of Insurance, Benefits, Systems of Payments, and Fees

303.520 Policies related to use of insurance to pay for Part C services.

303.521 System of payments and fees.

Subpart G--State Interagency Coordinating Council

303.600 Establishment of Council.

303.601 Composition.

303.602 Meetings.

303.603 Use of funds by the Council.

303.604 Functions of the Council--required duties.