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303.605 Authorized activities by the Council.

Subpart H—-State Monitoring and Enforcement; Federal

Monitoring and Enforcement; Reporting; and Allocation of Funds

Federal and State Monitoring and Enforcement

303.700 State monitoring and enforcement.

303.701 State performance plans and data collection.

303.702 State use of targets and reporting.

303.703 Secretary’s review and determination regarding

State performance.

303.704 Enforcement.

303.705 Withholding funds.

303.706 Public attention.

303.707 Rule of construction.

303.708 State enforcement.

Reports—-Program Information

303.720 Data requirements--general.

303.721 Annual report of children served--report requirement.

303.722 Data reporting.

303.723 Annual report of children served--certification.

303.724 Annual report of children served--other responsibilities of the lead agency.

Allocation of Funds