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§303.110 Minimum components of a statewide system.

Each statewide system (system) must include, at a

minimum, the components described in §§303.111 through


(Approved by Office of Management and Budget under control number 1820-0550)

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1435(a))

§303.111 State definition of developmental delay.

Each system must include the State's rigorous

definition of developmental delay, consistent with §§303.10

and 303.203(c), that will be used by the State in carrying out programs under Part C of the Act in order to appropriately identify infants and toddlers with disabilities who are in need of services under Part C of the Act. The definition must--

(a) Describe, for each of the areas listed in

§303.21(a)(1), the evaluation and assessment procedures,

consistent with §303.321, that will be used to measure a

child's development; and

(b) Specify the level of developmental delay in functioning or other comparable criteria that constitute a developmental delay in one or more of the developmental

areas identified in §303.21(a)(1).

(Approved by Office of Management and Budget under control