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Subsequent Applications and Modifications, Eligibility Determinations, and Standard of Disapproval

§303.228 Subsequent State application and modifications of


(a) Subsequent State application. If a State has on file with the Secretary a policy, procedure, method, or assurance that demonstrates that the State meets an application requirement in this part, including any policy, procedure, method, or assurance filed under this part (as in effect before the date of enactment of the Act, December 3, 2004), the Secretary considers the State to have met that requirement for purposes of receiving a grant under this part.

(b) Modification of application. An application submitted by a State that meets the requirements of this part remains in effect until the State submits to the Secretary such modifications as the State determines necessary. This section applies to a modification of an application to the same extent and in the same manner as this paragraph applies to the original application.

(c) Modifications required by the Secretary. The Secretary may require a State to modify its application under this part to the extent necessary to ensure the

State's compliance with this part if—-