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(d) The initial family assessment must be conducted within the 45-day timeline in paragraph (a) of this section if the parent concurs and even if other family members are unavailable.

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1433, 1435(a), 1436(c))

§§303.311–303.319 [Reserved]

§303.320 Screening procedures (optional).

(a) General. (1) The lead agency may adopt procedures, consistent with the requirements of this section, to screen children under the age of three who have been referred to the Part C program to determine whether they are suspected of having a disability under this part. If the lead agency or EIS provider proposes to screen a child, it must--

(i) Provide the parent notice under §303.421 of its

intent to screen the child to identify whether the child is suspected of having a disability and include in that notice

a description of the parent’s right to request an

evaluation under §303.321 at any time during the screening

process; and

(ii) Obtain parental consent as required in

§303.420(a)(1) before conducting the screening procedures.

(2) If the parent consents to the screening and the screening or other available information indicates that the