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(b) Periodic review. Each periodic review under

§303.342(b) must provide for the participation of persons

in paragraphs (a)(1)(i) through (a)(1)(iv) of this section. If conditions warrant, provisions must be made for the participation of other representatives identified in paragraph (a) of this section.

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1435(a)(4), 1436)

§303.344 Content of an IFSP.

(a) Information about the child's status. The IFSP must include a statement of the infant or toddler with a disability's present levels of physical development (including vision, hearing, and health status), cognitive development, communication development, social or emotional development, and adaptive development based on the

information from that child’s evaluation and assessments

conducted under §303.321.

(b) Family information. With the concurrence of the family, the IFSP must include a statement of the family's resources, priorities, and concerns related to enhancing the development of the child as identified through the

assessment of the family under §303.321(c)(2).

(c) Results or outcomes. The IFSP must include a

statement of the measurable results or measurable outcomes

expected to be achieved for the child (including pre-