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§303.345 Interim IFSPs--provision of services before

evaluations and assessments are completed.

Early intervention services for an eligible child and the child's family may commence before the completion of

the evaluation and assessments in §303.321, if the

following conditions are met:

(a) Parental consent is obtained.

(b) An interim IFSP is developed that includes--

(1) The name of the service coordinator who will be

responsible, consistent with §303.344(g), for implementing

the interim IFSP and coordinating with other agencies and persons; and

(2) The early intervention services that have been determined to be needed immediately by the child and the child's family.

(c) Evaluations and assessments are completed within

the 45-day timeline in §303.310.

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1436(c))

§303.346 Responsibility and accountability.

Each public agency or EIS provider who has a direct role in the provision of early intervention services is responsible for making a good faith effort to assist each eligible child in achieving the outcomes in the child's IFSP. However, Part C of the Act does not require that any