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procedures in §§303.401 through 303.417; and

(2) The parents of infants or toddlers who are referred to, or receive services under this part, are afforded the opportunity to inspect and review all Part C early intervention records about the child and the child's family that are collected, maintained, or used under this part, including records related to evaluations and assessments, screening, eligibility determinations, development and implementation of IFSPs, provision of early intervention services, individual complaints involving the

child, or any part of the child’s early intervention record

under this part.

(c) Applicability and timeframe of procedures. The confidentiality procedures described in paragraph (b) of this section apply to the personally identifiable

information of a child and the child’s family that--

(1) Is contained in early intervention records collected, used, or maintained under this part by the lead agency or an EIS provider; and

(2) Applies from the point in time when the child is referred for early intervention services under this part until the later of when the participating agency is no longer required to maintain or no longer maintains that information under applicable Federal and State laws.