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but does not include primary referral sources, or public agencies (such as the State Medicaid or CHIP program) or private entities (such as private insurance companies) that act solely as funding sources for Part C services.

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1221e-3, 1417(c), 1435(a)(5), 1439(a)(2), 1442)

§303.404 Notice to parents.

The lead agency must give notice when a child is referred under Part C of the Act that is adequate to fully

inform parents about the requirements in §303.402,


(a) A description of the children on whom personally identifiable information is maintained, the types of information sought, the methods the State intends to use in gathering the information (including the sources from whom information is gathered), and the uses to be made of the information;

(b) A summary of the policies and procedures that participating agencies must follow regarding storage, disclosure to third parties, retention, and destruction of personally identifiable information;

(c) A description of all the rights of parents and children regarding this information, including their rights

under the Part C confidentiality provisions in §§303.401