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with disabilities from their third birthday to the beginning of the following school year;

(2) The provision of FAPE under paragraph (c)(1) of this section does not apply to children who continue to receive early intervention services under this part in

accordance with paragraph (d) of this section and §303.211;

(d) With the written consent of the parents, to continue to provide early intervention services under this part, in lieu of FAPE provided in accordance with Part B of the Act, to children with disabilities from their third

birthday (pursuant to §303.211) until those children enter,

or are eligible under State law to enter, kindergarten; and

(e) In any State that does not provide services under

§303.204 for at-risk infants and toddlers, as defined in

§303.5, to strengthen the statewide system by initiating,

expanding, or improving collaborative efforts related to at-risk infants and toddlers, including establishing linkages with appropriate public and private community- based organizations, services, and personnel for the purposes of--

(1) Identifying and evaluating at-risk infants and toddlers;

(2) Making referrals for the infants and toddlers identified and evaluated under paragraph (e)(1) of this