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of the State’s application.

(c) Procedures for resolving disputes. (1) Each method must include procedures for achieving a timely resolution of intra-agency and interagency disputes about payments for a given service, or disputes about other

matters related to the State’s early intervention service

program. Those procedures must include a mechanism for resolution of disputes within agencies and for the

Governor, Governor’s designee, or the lead agency to make a

final determination for interagency disputes, which determination must be binding upon the agencies involved.

(2) The method must--

(i) Permit the agency to resolve its own internal disputes (based on the agency's procedures that are included in the agreement), so long as the agency acts in a timely manner; and

(ii) Include the process that the lead agency will follow in achieving resolution of intra-agency disputes, if a given agency is unable to resolve its own internal disputes in a timely manner.

(3) If, during the lead agency’s resolution of the

dispute, the Governor, Governor’s designee, or lead agency

determines that the assignment of financial responsibility under this section was inappropriately made--