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(d) Use of funds. (1) The funds received by a tribe, tribal organization, or consortium must be used to assist States in child find, screening, and other procedures for the early identification of Indian children under three years of age and for parent training. The funds also may be used to provide early intervention services in accordance with Part C of the Act. These activities may be carried out directly or through contracts or cooperative agreements with the Bureau of Indian Education, local educational agencies, and other public or private nonprofit organizations. The tribe, tribal organization, or consortium is encouraged to involve Indian parents in the development and implementation of these activities.

(2) The tribe, tribal organization, or consortium must, as appropriate, make referrals to local, State, or Federal entities for the provision of services or further diagnosis.

(e) Reports. (1) To be eligible to receive a payment under paragraph (b) of this section, a tribe, tribal organization, or consortium must make a biennial report to the Secretary of the Interior of activities undertaken under this section, including the number of contracts and cooperative agreements entered into, the